Frequently asked questions

Is the gold and diamonds real?

All of our gold is bought in the jewellery quarter from major Bullion Dealers, our diamonds are sourced from local diamond suppliers so when we say our stones are VVS or VS then be assured they are.

Can I eat/sleep in my grill?

You can but we recommend you don't. This will preserve the colour of the tooth.

I have missing teeth or my teeth are crooked?

This does not matter we can create your grillz to make your teeth look cosmetically perfect.

Turn around wait for the grillz

Approximately 2 weeks.

How to clean my grill.

We recommend you use a toothbrush and tooth paste to stop any build up in dirt and bacteria.

How do I pay?

We require 50% deposit at the time of your purchase and the remaining 50% on the pick up of your finished grill.

Refund Policy

NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN -  under any circumstances.

If your grill does not fit then we will happily remake it.